Our MissionTo

To be an example of success on the field and create a positive impact on the game of soccer within different communities in Port St-Lucie and the Treasure Coast region. We will foster, promote and advance the cause of junior soccer while providing the model through our WPSL team. We will encourage and organize sustainable quality youth soccer programs and recreational events which could include, but not be limited to, boys and girls youth Soccer Camps, Academies and Tournaments for its members. We will provide opportunities for young student-athletes to reach their goals at the state, national and international levels.
To enhance the lives of young people living in the communities around Treasure Coast through sports and activities that are rooted in fun, educational, and ethical principles. We believe what is learned on the field changes who they are off the field. Through our programming we hope to give our children the discipline, knowledge, and opportunities to be successful in their adult lives. This is modeled by the older players, including WPSL, positively leading the younger players.

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Vision Statement

Our Vision: In the mid to long-term, the Club aims at the following goals:
To provide the highest quality family/sports entertainment at an economical and substantive value to our community
To provide players in all Treasure Coast communities with the best possible opportunities to realize their full potential
To be a great window of opportunity in the development of players looking to play in any of the US National Team Programs and the Caribbean or the CONCACAF region.
To be a model ambassador for the City of Port St-Lucie and the Treasure Coast region
To be one of the top team in the WPSL
To make the city of Port St-Lucie renown nationally and internationally as one of the most attractive place to come play Elite Soccer.

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24 / 7 emergency call:   913-484-1595

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